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On the best route to greater riding plĀ­easure

How would you like to have all your maps with you in future? No more struggles with the wind and rain - and not an inch of luggage space used up? With the BMW Motorrad navigation system you have a handy, reliable guide on board with abundant memory to get you safely, quickly and easily to your destination.

BMW Motorrad leads the way when it comes to navigation - literally: the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV is fitted with state-of-the-art technology such as Bluetooth, satellite-based GPS and many useful additional functions such as communication aids and a simple user guide. This means you can find your way to any destination reliably and accurately - following your own personal route to increased riding pleasure.

Enjoy riding pleasure with a pillion passenger too. Combine your motorcycling experience with up-to-the-minute information. And acquire full communication capability - especially with a helmet. Everything is possible - from talking to a passenger to making telephone calls, using communication systems such as the remarkable WCS-1 which allows you to tap into the full range of easy-to-use functions.

One thing can always be relied on in all BMW Motorrad solutions: an uninterrupted view of the road and unparalleled riding pleasure.