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Accessories for BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

  • Vehicle-specific mounts for all newer BMW motorcycles with accessories connector
  • Compatible with the BMW Motorrad communication system for System Helmet 5 and soon also for System Helmet 6: The wireless audio connection with the helmet via Bluetooth makes it possible to listen to voice announcements from the navigation device as well as music from the integrated MP3 player in stereo quality via the speakers in the helmet
  • Car kit for BMW Motorrad Navigator IV (optional)
  • Consisting of a sandbag, two-part mounting and connector cable
  • The non-slip sandbag enables the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV to be positioned for optimum visibility in almost every vehicle. The Navigator IV is mounted in the two-part mounting and is secured to the sandbag by means of a single catch, which can be released at the press of a single button
  • The connector cable enables the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV to be powered by means of the cigarette lighter
  • Voice output in the car is by means of the loudspeaker integrated in the Navigator IV
  • In addition, thanks to the built-in microphones and loudspeakers, the Navigator IV can also be used in the car as a hands-free device for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • As an option, a TMC module can be connected to the vehicle mounting
Map material:
  • BMW Motorrad offers additional digital map material. The map data is now available on microSD card, so that an SD card adapter is also provided. This means that the maps are also compatible with an SD and a microSD slot. As well as Europe, map data is also available for North America, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
Original Garmin accessories:
  • Garmin offers additional map material for regions outside of Europe. All map material available for the ZUMO 660, both MapSource™ map material and microSD maps, can also be used for the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV
  • In addition, all accessories available from Garmin for the Garmin ZUMO 660 can also be used with the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV, e.g. TMC receiver for use in the car