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The technical features of the BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

The BMW Motorrad Navigator IV unites the features of its predecessors and represents the pinnacle of modern navigation on the bike:

  • New housing (slimmer than ever before, touchscreen technology with no buttons on the device itself), waterproof and fuel spray-resistant, just as you've come to expect
  • Large display in 16:9 Format (4.3", 480 x 272 pixels)
  • Integrated lithium ion battery with an operating life of up to 5 hours (1880 mAh) making it independent of external power supplies. This means that the device can also be used away from the motorcycle, e.g. during breaks in your trip to enable you to plan your route, or when hiking or cycling
  • New advanced mount cradle with 4 additional controls: Zoom-In, Zoom-Out, Page, Speak.
  • Connector cable for easy connection to the accessories connector is now installed permanently on the advanced mount cradle
  • New highly sensitive satellite receiver offers optimum, precision satellite reception
  • Fast processor for faster route calculation
  • Integrated 4 GB memory: more free memory for more map files, music files, etc ...
  • Speaker and microphone* integrated in the devices, opening up a range of uses away from the motorcycle
  • Voice output without requiring the connection of a separate speaker in the car
  • The Navigator acts as a hands-free device in the car for Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Integrated MP3 player, the latest stereo Bluetooth technology (A2DP profile) for transmitting the music to a helmet with Bluetooth capability with no loss of quality
  • Audio connection to the navigator: Connecting headphones means that the Navigator IV can be used as an MP3 player during breaks
  • microSD slot (Transflash) for easy memory expansion for additional cards, MP3 files, etc.
New software functions:
  • Lane assist with junction view: the lane assist feature makes sure that the rider will always know the right lane at the right time. In addition, the traffic signs and junctions, as well as directional arrows, are always shown in photo-realistic form
  • Multi-route preview: the completely new map preview functions show all four proposed routes (fastest, shortest, linear distance, avoiding motorways) in color-coded form on the map. The required route option can then be activated with a single click
  • 3D buildings: in many cities there are transparent views of important buildings that offer the rider a realistic view of the environment, resulting in greater orientation along the route
  • PhotoNavigation: destinations can be stored in the device as geocoded images. It's enough to click on one of the images to start navigation

*Note: the loudspeaker and microphone are automatically deactivated as soon as the Navigator IV is mounted in the advanced mount cradle on the motorcycle