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Technical data

Hardware (dimensions, weight, output)
Component Information
Black plastic housing: W x H x D: 13.6 x 8.3 x 2.4 cm
Robust, waterproof (according to IPX7), fuel-resistant, shock-proof
Logo: BMW Motorrad Navigator IV
Screen: Touch-sensitive TFT color screen (touchscreen), 65,000 colors
W x H: 9.7 x 5.7 cm (10.9 cm diagonal / 4.3")
Display resolution (W x H): 480 x 272 pixels
High contrast, reduced reflection, sunlight-readable, fuel spray-resistant, UV-resistant
White backlight
Automatic day/night mode
BMW Motorrad start screen
Advanced Mount-Cradle: With 4 controls:"+"/ "-" (enlarge/reduce map view), "Page" (switch between map view, trip computer and media player), "Speak" (output the current navigation message)
Practical carrier pouch, black: Safe storage for the Navigator IV
Zip, belt loop on the back and carrier strap
Power supply (12 V): Replaceable lithium-ion battery is automatically charged during operation by means of the onboard network. Will operate for up to 5 hours (without connection to power supply)
Includes 12 V connector cable for connecting to the motorcycle's accessories cable (permanently connected to the advanced mount cradle)
Power supply unit for 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz including adapter for EU or UK (same power supply unit as for the BMW Motorrad communication system, i.e. just one power supply unit needs to be carried on long journeys/ when going on holidays)
The charger cable takes the form of a mini-USB, enabling the device to be charged using the supplied charger or on a computer using a USB hub.
Integrated flash memory: 4 GB
Preinstalled with European detailed map data
Free memory for installing additional detailed map data or MP3 files
Integrated loudspeaker (mono) and integrated microphone  
Integrated antenna, plus MCX jack for external antenna (MCX jack is not accessible when the device is in the advanced mount cradle)
Connections: Bluetooth for connection to Bluetooth helmets or headsets (hands-free / headset / A2DP profile) and for connection to Bluetooth telephones
Audio port (3.5 mm stereo jack) with connection for headphones (not accessible when the device is in the advanced mount cradle)
USB port (version 2.0, full speed) for PC interface cable (supplied) for data transfer from the PC
microSD card slot for additional maps, MP3 music, track and route storage, compatible with SDHC cards
MCX jack for optional external antenna
Advanced mount cradle with cable kit, waterproof connectors (1x connection to accessories connector, 1x audio output on the cable harness for navigation announcements
Weight: ca. 270 g (excluding mounting material)
Temperature range: Operating temperature: -20 to +60 ℃
Loading temperature for the battery: 0 to +45 ℃
Multilingual operating instructions (printed in 11 languages)  
Map data: MapSource™ European City Navigator NT: Contains detailed data for Western and Eastern Europe (40 countries) with motorways, country roads and important major roads plus POIs such as restaurants, hotels, shops, sights, workshops
Including BMW Motorrad dealer database (BMW Motorrad dealers, customer service outlets, etc.)
Map data is already preinstalled on the device, so that the Navigator IV is ready to run immediately after it is switched on. In addition, the complete MapSource™ software is also supplied on DVD. (Compatible with Windows 2000 or higher and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher)
More map data can be loaded on the device by means of the USB port or using a microSD card
Map update: If the device is registered at within 60 days of being first switched on, a free map update can be downloaded online (if available)
Update frequency: 4x per year (online at Garmin) or 1x per year on DVD (through BMW Motorrad or Garmin)
Integrated memory: Card slot, 4 MB
Number of routes/ points that can be displayed/ managed simultaneously in the Navigator: 20 routes
1,000 waypoints with names and graphical symbols
10,000 points for internal track memory
In addition, routes/ points can be stored/exported in the free space in the integrated memory and on microSD card
Data is stored on an internal flash memory, data is preserved even without a power supply (no backup battery required)