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Shortly before the end of your agreement we'll write and let you know about your options, which will vary depending on the type of agreement you have.

Finance and Leasing Association (FLA)

We are full members of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) and we follow the FLA's Lending Code. We participate in their complaints handling, conciliation and independent arbitration schemes.

You can obtain a copy of the Code by contacting our Customer Services Team or by calling the FLA on 020 7836 6511. Under the FLA Code of Practice, if you make a complaint and we cannot resolve it to your satisfaction, you can refer the matter to the FLA by calling them on 020 7420 9624.

You can also write to the Compliance Manager at the FLA, enclosing brief details of your complaint, a copy of your agreement (if you have it) and copies of any relevant correspondence.


If you have a BMW Select agreement, you'll have agreed an annual mileage, which is explained in your agreement. Staying within this agreed limit will help protect your BMW's future value and make sure you aren't liable for excess mileage charges when your agreement ends.

Paying off your loan early

If you wish,you can pay off everything you owe us in full at any time by asking for a settlement quotation from our Settlements Team. The way this settlement figure is calculated will depend on the type of agreement you have.

The majority of our agreements are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the title on your copy of the agreement will tell you if it's regulated). We work out settlements for regulated credit agreements by applying a formula set out in the Consumer Credit (Early Settlement) Regulations 2004.

The amount of interest you pay will be less than you would have paid if the loan had run its full course, unless you settle very close to the end of your agreement term. In the first few months of your loan, the amount that you pay will include more interest than later in the agreement. We use a different method of calculation for unregulated agreements and different settlement rules apply to leasing agreements.

If you'd like to know more about settling your agreement early or how we work out the amount you'll have to pay, please contact our Settlements Team or visit the Finance and Leasing Association's website

To request a settlement quotation call 0370 5050 150.

Payment difficulties

If you're having difficulty in meeting your payments or rentals due to a change in personal circumstances, please contact our Customer Accounts Team without delay so that we can discuss your current situation and the possible options you have available.

The team will also be able to advise you if you've taken out BMW Protect and are eligible to make a claim following a change in your personal circumstances.

Returning your motorcycle to us at the end of your agreement

If you're returning your motorcycle under a BMW Select agreement, please click here (link to Returning your motorcycle at the end of your agreement section).

Transfer of legal title

With BMW Hire Purchase, BMW Lease Purchase and BMW Select agreements, you have the opportunity to own your BMW at the end of the finance agreement.

Provided you've made all the payments required under the agreement, including the Option to Purchase fee, we'll transfer legal title of the BMW from us to you.

For BMW Leasing agreements ownership of the motorcycle always stays with us.

Use of personal information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, our policy regarding use of personal information should have been explained to you by the dealer who supplied your motorcycle.

If this is not the case, please refer to the section of your agreement entitled 'Data Protection Notification'.

Terms and conditions of your agreement

The terms and conditions on which your agreement with us are based can be found on the reverse of your financial agreement. These terms and conditions are binding and are not superseded by explanations given on this website.

All insurance products detailed are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant policy.

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