BMW R 1200 GS


Like its legendary predecessor, the new R 1200 GS too is one of the most versatile motorcycles, with unrivalled performance both on and off road. Our aim is to deliver maximum riding pleasure in every GS that we produce, and with this in mind, BMW Motorrad presents the R 1200 GS Touring Edition which will be offered alongside the standard R 1200 GS here in the UK.

With a dynamic, enhanced, more comfort orientated specification, the R 1200 GS Touring Edition offers riders a host of additional features as standard. These include:

  • Enduro Automatic Stability Control (ASC) – the automatic stability control system limits the drive torque transferred from the engine as a function of the road conditions and therefore the coefficient of friction. Offers ‘rain’, ‘road’, ‘dynamic’, ‘enduro’ and ‘enduro pro’ riding modes.
  • Dynamic Electronic Suspension Adjustment – the semi-active suspension system allows highly convenient adjustments to the suspension for every riding style and load. The characteristics the rider can select for suspension and damping provide an unparalleled range of tuning and preload settings for all road conditions.
  • LED Headlight – an innovative safety feature with built-in daytime running light, helping riders to see and be seen.
  • Preparation for GPS – allows riders to install and use the BMW Motorrad Navigator safety and conveniently via the handlebars.
  • Chrome Plated Exhaust System – adds the crowning visual touch to the new GS.
  • Heated Handlebar Grips - provide increased comfort but also fulfil a key safety function. After all, as every experienced motorcyclist knows, only warm hands can react fast.
  • RDC Tyre Pressure Control - provides the rider with reliable information on the current tyre pressure, which is displayed on the motorcycles’ on-board computer.
  • Cruise Control – for the first time, cruise control is now available on the R 1200 GS, offering additional cruising comfort and convenience on longer adventures.

Please see the ‘prices and specifications’ page for a full list of standard features and options.

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