For riders not content with ultimate performance alone, we proudly present the HP4 Carbon edition. With its additional HP components it makes a striking impression: HP brake lever, HP clutch lever and HP rider footrest system. The long, closed HP engine spoiler, the HP plate holder and the HP fuel tank trim are made entirely of carbon. Its most conspicuous hallmarks are the aluminium forged wheels in Racing blue and the sponsor sticker kit - so its unique quality lies not just in its performance but in its design, too, making it a perfect synthesis of quality that is impossible to miss.

The HP4 Carbon also has a uniquely numbered fork bridge engraving with High Performance logo. This makes each and every machine a unique specimen. Due to the involved manufacturing process and the limited availability of the high-quality carbon components, only a small number of HP4 Carbon edition models will be made during the manufacturing phase up to 2014.

Of special interest to Supersport 1000 class racers is that HP4 is expected to be homologated to race in the 2013 season and as a platform for a race bike within the current Regulations is likely to have advantages compared to RR Sport in terms of lightness (wheels), more torque, monobloc front brake discs, the fine tuning of the DTC Traction Control, and a race programming for the (standard) ABS brakes.

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