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Before every journey ...

... a quick check is always a good idea.

Your BMW is a valuable piece of engineering and it is responsible for your personal riding enjoyment. If you look after it properly, it will reward you with great performance at all times. This is why we have devised these tips - to help you get maximum enjoyment on the road.


Check that all your lights are functioning properly, i.e. high and dipped beam as well as rear and brake lights. Even though we only use components of the highest quality, they are still subject to wearing. Of course, when you bring your motorcycle in for servicing, all lights are checked that they are fully functioning. But just to be sure, you should always check that all your lights go on before setting off on a journey.


Maintaining the right tyre pressure is one of the most fundamental factors in ensuring a high level of road performance. It is important to take into account your driving style as well as load and luggage conditions. The appropriate air pressures for your tyres can be found in your motorcycle's handbook.


Not only is oil the lubricant that ensures that your engine literally runs smoothly at all times, but it is also a coolant. This explains why it is very important to ensure that your engine, gearbox and drive train contain the right levels of oil. Too much oil can also be disadvantageous, because the oil pressure in the engine, for instance, has been calculated for a particular amount of lubricant.


Your hands control the clutch and one brake while your feet are responsible for changing gear and operating the other brake. You should therefore frequently check all four levers to make sure they are functioning properly.

With foot-operated levers in particular, a slight misalignment is generally not noticed straightaway. This is often due to the boots that a rider wears, which make it difficult to sense when something needs adjusting. Many BMW models come with adjustable levers that can be set to suit your personal requirements. Be sure to use this function, and you will see that it rewards with enhanced fun on the road.

Helmet and clothing

Your motorcycle clothing should be purpose designed, whether for quick trips into town, longer distance tours, or even a spell on the race track - safety is of paramount importance. So don't forget to choose the right clothing to suit your intended purpose.

And remember also that no matter how well you look after your clothing, eventually, its age will catch up with it; this applies in particular to protectors and helmet shells, which need to be replaced more frequently due to the nature of their materials. When materials are too hard and brittle, they are more prone to breakage and can no longer offer the level of protection that they could in their prime.

The next thing to check regularly is that the upper materials of your protective clothing, such as leather and fabric, are in good condition. Functional clothing also needs regular maintenance, otherwise the internal membranes will soon lose their active breathing properties.

Fitness check

Last but not least, it is important to check that you yourself are fit and healthy, because only then will you be able to enjoy your motorcycling experience to the full. This not only refers to your physical condition but also your general mood. So when you planning your next journey, make sure you are also prepared mentally, and that your mind is freed up to concentrate on enjoying what lies ahead.

Weather check

Please be sure to adapt your riding style to suit the weather conditions. Don't forget that your tyres (as well as your engine) require a certain operating temperature to be able to function at their optimum level, when they will unfold their maximum grip capability. Furthermore, you should select the right clothing for the expected weather conditions. It is important that you are neither too hot nor too cold while you are out on the road.

Your clothing should not only offer protection against the weather but also at least a minimum level of fall protection; it should have protectors fitted to the appropriate places and, above all, it should be non-wearing. Interesting ideas on this subject can be found at the BMW Motorrad website in the Riders Point section.

Road check

Sometimes it is unavoidable that you have to take a route that you know is going to be extremely busy. Be sure to check the traffic news and obtain the relevant information regarding road conditions before setting out on your journey. It is a good idea to plan in a little extra time if it is important that you arrive at your destination on time.

And if the weather is changeable, it helps not just to be wearing the right clothing but also to adopt the appropriate riding style.

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