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Why service your motorcycle at a BMW Motorrad dealer?

We would recommend to all customers that a motorcycle is serviced by a BMW Motorrad dealer for the following reasons.

  • Use of diagnotistic equipment required to read out the fault memories on the control units on your BMW bike
  • Comprehensively trained Technicians to factory standard and enrolled in the ATA accreditation scheme
  • The dealer has the 'special tools' designed to assist workshop procedures ensuring that repairs are completed timely and efficiently without damage to other components.
  • All bikes serviced in the BMW network are regularly checked for any service actions or campaigns
  • Residual value of bikes serviced by authorised dealers is strong as a correct service history is a good selling feature
  • Service procedures carried out correctly. Correct oils used, and nuts and bolts tightened to correct torque values
Choose your new BMW at BMW Motorrad