published at 24.05.2016, 17:55


TERMS & CONDITIONS.... [more ...]

published at 01.05.2015, 16:48

"Your first adventure should be in Morocco"

Sitting in the sunshine at the end of a fantastic spring ride on our first Motorrad Tours trip of the year to Morocco, I am reminded of many happy days spent riding outside of the UK. ... [more ...]

published at 28.04.2015, 15:28

BMW C evolution and motorcycles help make the Virgin Money London Marathon a huge success.

A fleet of BMW motorcycles - including nine C evolution electric maxi-scooters - have been involved in the build-up and execution of the Virgin Money London Marathon on Sunday, 26 April in London.... [more ...]

published at 19.03.2015, 15:17

Tokyo calling…

There’s no doubt that the Spanish have a thirst for travel. From the early pioneers of centuries past, to modern day globetrotters such as Alicia Sornosa, discovering new countries and cultures is what it’s always been about for them. Alicia’s philosophy on living is quite simple: life is short and the world is big, so she wants to see as much of it as she can…... [more ...]

published at 17.03.2015, 10:40

BMW S 1000 RR rider wheelies to new Guinness World Record – on ice

Swedish riders never let the winter get in the way of a good ride, they just use the smooth iced tops of frozen lakes instead of roads, and spiked tyres instead of sticky rubber. With plenty of ice guaranteed for several months every year, this offers lots of opportunities for sports, but why play ice hockey or go skating when you can ride your RR instead?... [more ...]