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One day course for budding overlanders • Focus on riding techniques for overlanders • For riders who have completed Level One GS • Pillion off-road riding option is available

Are you preparing for your big adventure? Overland travel on an adventure bike, usually loaded with luggage and possibly a pillion, presents new challenges. The dynamics of the machine will change and, with miles to cover and weeks or months of travel ahead of you, a different attitude and approach is needed. This course has been developed by the Off Road Skills team based on their own extensive experiences riding across continents on adventure motorcycles. The course will teach the riding techniques, as well as the tips and tricks, which will help you complete your next big adventure. This course is ideal for those who have completed any BMW Off Road Skills riding course, and is the perfect compliment to our popular Adventure maintenance training course.

What does Adventure Travel Training cover?

  • Riding with panniers
  • Riding through gravel
  • Taking a pillion and the pillion’s role
  • Towing and being towed
  • Clutchless riding
  • Bump starting
  • Managing luggage and panniers
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