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Level Enduro.

Three exciting Husqvarna motorcycles • For accomplished riders who have completed Level Two / Three GS • Learn skills unique to lightweight enduro bikes

For riders who've completed the Level One GS course and are looking for a new way to experience off-road riding, we offer the Level Enduro course. Husqvarna, part of the BMW Group, has three World Enduro Championship-winning off-road bikes which we offer for this course. All three are lightweight, four-stroke single-cylinder enduro machines and provide a whole new way to enjoy the many challenges and sections of Walter's Arena for specialist off-road riders.

The Level Enduro course is for relatively experienced and confident riders who really enjoy the technical challenges of off-road riding and want to expand on their abilities and techniques. This course is all about honing machine control skills on the trail and introducing and developing techniques that are specific to enduro bikes and riding.

What does Level Enduro cover?
  • Requires competence in essential core skills and progressive skills taught in Level One
  • Advanced riding position
  • Standing and sitting position and when to use
  • Flat cornering techniques
  • Observation and planning
  • Downhill turns
  • Advanced hill recovery
  • Pre-loading the suspension
  • Log crossing
  • Spin turns and pivot turns
  • Advanced ruts

Husqvarna TE 250
249/302cc single
The TE 250 and 310 are world beaters, as proven by the World Championship they claimed in 2010. This bike has a full 300mm of off-road suspension. The gentle power, super low weight and incredible handling make this an easy, confidence inspiring bike to ride.

Husqvarna TE 449
449/510cc single
This bike has a full 300mm of off-road suspension, while the low weight and amazingly tractable engine allow you to go places you didn't know were possible. A great bike to develop your skills with.

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