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Level One GS.

The perfect introduction to off-road riding

No off-road experience required • 2013 BMW adventure bikes provided • Women only courses are also available • Ideal off-road refresher or introduction

Level One GS is the ideal way for a novice to discover the joys of off-road riding, as well as a refresher for someone returning to mud and dirt after a break. First of all, when you book online or call the World of BMW team to arrange your course, we'll help you choose the perfect BMW motorcycle for your riding style and skill level. This is the bike you'll be using for the majority of your course, so we'll ensure you make the right choice for the best possible experience.

The course starts by teaching riders how to safely and easily pick up a ‘dropped' bike – once you've learned the right technique it's easy. Then you'll move on to key bike handling skills and the fundamentals of off-road riding. Riders are put into groups with others at a similar skill level to ensure that they're being taught and riding at the right pace. From here you'll use your new-found confidence on increasingly exciting and challenging sections of the arena.

The Level One GS course is very enjoyable, builds confidence rapidly, provides lots of time in the saddle and has the perfect mix of instructor demonstration and trail riding where you'll put those skills to the test. Our friendly and experienced instructors will put you at ease and ensure you're having so much fun that you'll barely realise you're learning.

Towards the end of the second day, before we return to BMW Off Road Skills HQ for a debrief and certificate presentation, you'll be offered a changeover ride and the opportunity to experience the other machines in BMW's spectacular range of adventure-sports bikes. So you'll be able to put your newly-honed skills to the test on the Boxer-twin R 1200 GS, or switch to a lightweight single-cylinder G 650 GS, for example.

Where? Walter's Arena
When? March to October
What on? BMW G 650 GS & Sertao, F 800 GS and the R 1200 GS
Who for? Off-road novices, occasional riders and up to clubman racers

What does Level One cover?
  • Learning to lift, balance and manoeuvre a motorcycle in awkward situations
  • Manoeuvering the motorcycle at slow speeds and clutch control exercises
  • Improved braking ability
  • Ascending and descending hills safely and confidently
  • Trail riding on gravel fire roads and dirt tracks
  • Momentum exercises

If you are a capable off–road rider, and want to take things to the next level, click here

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