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Level Two GS.

Take things to the next level.

Ideal progression from Level One GS • Tackle more challenging trails and tracks

Our syllabus follows a natural progression – which sees one level pick up where the previous one ended. After building up your essential machine control skills and the fundamentals of safe, enjoyable off-road riding, it is time to step up to Level Two.

The Level Two course will build on the lessons and skills you've been working on since your first visit to BMW Off Road Skills – especially your clutch control. You will be brimming with new-found confidence and enthusiasm, so now it is time to fuel that passion with some advanced skills and techniques… and try some of the trickier sections we have here at Walter's Arena.

If you feel a little rusty, or want a bit more time on a bike before starting Level Two, our Skills Development Day offers a great opportunity to get back into the swing of things.

The Level Two GS course provides a smooth transition between levels. We aim to be straight into riding off-road. While the emphasis is not too technical or demanding, this course will certainly give you new skills to challenge you, with plenty of riding time. By the end of day two you will know if you are ready for our advanced Level Three GS course.

What does Level Two cover?
  • Advanced riding position
  • Observation and planning
  • Downhill turns and turning on the trail (without wheelspin)
  • Technical hill climbs
  • Introduction to ruts
  • Off-camber
  • Skills and trials challenge

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