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  Dates   20 July to 3 August  
  Duration   15 Days  
  Distance   2,350 Miles / 3,800 Kms  
  Starts   Harwich, UK  
  Ends   Harwich, UK



  • Ride to the Arctic Circle, another "must do" ticked of the list
  • Fjords, Ferries and Fantastic Scenery
  • Experience the Midnight Sun
  • Ride the Trollstigen Mountain Road, a cloud scraping complex of hairpins, over and under waterfalls
  • Visit the UNESCO listed port of Bryggen, the old wharf district of Bergen
  • Ride the amazing Atlantic Road connecting countless islands along the coast
  • Stop at the venue of the 1994 Winter Olympics - Lillehammer
  • Two nights in Alesund noted for its unique concentration of Art Nouveau architecture


Think of the Arctic and you think of vast, snow-covered lands, frost, ice and months of near-constant darkness, lit only by the Northern Lights. But that is where you’d be wrong. During the summer months the Arctic is a beautiful, verdant place, blessed with scorching hot weather, where the sun doesn’t set for weeks upon weeks. From fjords to glaciers, Norway is one of the most picturesque places in the world.

This tour begins in Denmark, after the first of many ferry crossings that will take you over 2,000 miles and into the legendary Arctic Circle and back. In Bergen the long days and perpetual twilight become the norm.

When we reach the far north, you’ll witness the incredible Midnight Sun, during which the sun never sets or even reaches the horizon. We’ll stay in traditional Norwegian hotels, ride along endless, empty roads and witness some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. 

With Motorrad Tours you are very welcome to ride your own bike on tour or to use one of our bikes. 


  Riding your own motorcycle F 700 GS or F 800 GT Hire Bike R 1200 GS or R 1200 RT Hire Bike
 Solo Rider in a Shared Room   £2,295 £3,195 £3,495
 Solo Rider in a Single Room £2,995 £3,895 £4,195
 Rider and Passenger in a Shared Room            £3,695 £4,595 £4,895

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are booking with a hire bike and your trip starts in the UK we include two additional nights accommodation at the start of your tour.  Please ensure you arrive two days prior to the official start date.  This is to allow you to have a nights rest before picking up your hire bike.  You can then familiarise yourself with the bike prior to taking half day pre tour ride with your Tour Leader.  This way you are prepared and ready to enjoy your tour from day one, not spending the first days distracted fiddling with the bike.


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