Authorised BMW motorcycle dealer privacy policy.

  1. If you have a query regarding our privacy policy or your rights, who should you contact?

Data Protection Officer

Saltaire Motor Company Ltd

T/A Allan Jefferies BMW

2 Berry Drive


BD17 7GA

  1. We collect data through face-to-face contact, through our website, over the telephone and via BMW UK websites.
  2. Saltaire Motor Company Limited do not purchase data for marketing purposes. All of our data has been collected through enquiries, test rides and sales of products or services.
  3. We will hold names, addresses, email and telephone numbers. We will also record purchases and services. We do not hold your credit or debit card information. Your data may be held in the following places:


  • CDK/Kerridge – our dealer management system.
  • BMW UK Limited
  • BMW Financial Services
  • BMW Insurance
  • Our IT support
  • Demo forms
  • Enquiry forms
  • Emails
  • Event Spreadsheets
  • Deal files
  • DataTag
  • VOSA
  • DVLA
  • Tracking device companies


  1. We use your data to inform you of relevant services, warranty, recalls or MOT requirements for your motorcycle. We will also use your data to send you marketing material on events, offers or launches.
  2. You can remove your email address from our website by following the link below. If you would like to see, challenge or delete your data then please use the email address for our Data Protection Officer and we will complete your request within 30 days.
  3. If you have a complaint then you can inform the Information Commissioner’s Office (UK Regulatory Body) via their website:


  1. We process your data on a number of levels depending on your contract with us. If you have opted in to our marketing via our website, verbally or via email then we will keep you informed of our offers. If we have sold you a product or service then we will retain your information for 7 years to ensure that we comply with UK law on recording transactions.
  2. We will also process your information if we have a legitimate reason to contact you. This maybe regarding a product you have bought or something regarding a product you have purchased elsewhere but have serviced with us.
  3. We will gain certification from any 3rd party organisation that your data is being held in accordance with current regulations.
  4. We do not exchange data with companies outside of the EEA.
  5. We do not request or hold sensitive data.
  6. Your data may be shared with BMW Group companies and 3rd party companies selected by them for providing carefully selected services such as BMW Emergency Service, Insurance etc.
  7. We do not profile customer data.
  8. We will retain your data for 7 years without any further activity.
  9. In some instances, we will require your data for contractual purposes such as demonstration forms, provision of services or goods, Datatag, finance proposals, online shop purchases, enquiries where we need to keep you informed on a particular service.
  10. Please be aware that leaving our website through any link is no longer under our privacy policies.
  11. This statement was last updated 10/05/2018
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