CE 04 Gets a Thumbs Up From Andy

t’s a thumbs up from Andy!
Bowker’s own Workshop Supervisor, Andy Fairhurst, took the opportunity to swap out his daily commute today. Usually opting for his 49cc petrol scooter to travel to work , Andy had his eye on the new CE04 for quite a while and jumped at the chance to take it for a spin. Putting the scooter through its paces on the way home turned into an enjoyable experience, being pleasantly surprised at both the performance and handling of a vehicle with a longer wheelbase and weight than his current ride.

As the homebound journey turned into more of an evening ride out, Andy finally returned home with the bike on 40% charge. Plugging in to his domestic wall socket, with the fast charge factory fitted option returning 100% charge in less than 2 hours. After another fantastic ride back to Bowker in the morning Andy took the time to stand back and recap all the plus points of this electric scooter. Impressed with the range, futuristic styling, performance and handling, Andy would certainly be happy to have a new CE04 sat in his garage anytime soon!

Take the CE 04 for a test ride yourself, simply contact the team on 01772 767300, or if you would like to view our current scooter offers please click here.

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