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Brookbrough Trading Company Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Automotive Compliance Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No 497010). Automotive Compliance Ltd’s permissions as a Principal Firm allows Brookbrough Trading Company Ltd to act as a credit broker, not as a lender, for the introduction to a limited number of finance providers and to act as an agent on behalf of the insurer for insurance distribution activities only.


This Guide is for information purposes only and covers the following subject areas:

  • What the finance company will do when you apply for finance
  • What the finance company will do when you have a finance agreement with them
  • What the Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies will do

What the finance company will do when you apply for finance

  1. The finance company will search using the services of credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies for information, including credit details, on you and, if you have one, your financial associates (a financial associate is a person with whom you have, or have had, joint personal financial arrangements such as joint accounts or have made joint credit applications, for example a spouse or partner), other members of your family and if you are an owner, director or partner in a small business, your business.
  2. The finance company may pass information that is supplied to them to credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies.
  3. If you have any financial associates, a finance company may link and record information about you both in their own records and at credit reference agencies and they, and others, will take their information into account. They may take both your and their information into account in future applications by either or both of you and continue this linking until your agreement ends and one of you notifies them that you are no longer linked. So you must be sure that you have their agreement to disclose information about them.
  4. They may obtain references and make enquiries about you from other persons and organisations. If the finance company requires any guarantee or other security in relation to your obligations under any proposed agreement, they may provide information about your application to the person you wish to provide the guarantee or other security.
  5. If you give the finance company false or inaccurate information and they suspect or identify fraud, they will record this and may also pass this information to fraud prevention agencies and other organisations involvedin crime and fraud prevention.
  6. With the information that the finance company obtain they will:
    • Assess your application for credit;
    • Check details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities;
    • Verify your identity and the identity of your spouse, partner or other directors / partners if applicable; and/or
    • Undertake checks for the prevention and detection of fraud and/or money laundering.
    • They may use scoring methods to assess this application and to verify your identity.
    • Undertake periodical statistical analysis or testing to ensure the accuracy of existing and future products and services,
    • Any or all of these processes may be automated.
    • Undertake market research.

What the Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies will do

  1. They will place a search ‘footprint’ on your credit file whenever they receive a search request from the finance company. The finance company will make a search when you apply for credit from them and they may also make searches during the period of any agreement you hold with them. If the search was for a credit application they will place a search ‘footprint’ on your file whether or not your application proceeds and the record of that search (but not the name of the organisation that carried it out) may be seen by other organisations when you apply for credit in the future.
  2. They will link together your records and those of anyone that you have advised is your financial associate, including previous and subsequent names of you and any financial associates. Links between financial associates will remain on your and their files until such time as you and your financial associate successfully files for a disassociation with the credit reference agencies.
  3. They will supply to the finance company:
    • Credit information such as previous applications and the conduct of accounts in your name and of your associates and/or your business accounts
    • Public information such as County Court Judgements and bankruptcies
    • Electoral Register information; and
    • Fraud prevention information
  4. If you have an agreement with one of the finance companies, credit reference agencies will record the details that is supplied to them on your agreement and how you manage it. If you borrow and do not repay in full and on time, credit reference agencies will record the outstanding debt.
  5. Records shared with credit reference agencies remain on file for 6 years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted.
  6. The information which the finance companies, other organisations and fraud prevention agencies provide to the credit reference and fraud prevention agencies about you, your financial associates and your business (if you have one) may be supplied by credit reference and fraud prevention agencies to other organisations and used by them and the finance company to:
    • Prevent fraud and money laundering by, for example, checking details on applications for credit and credit related or other facilities; checking details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance; checking details of job applications and employees
    • Verify your identity if you or your financial associate applies for other facilities including all types of insurance applications and claims
    • Assist other organisations to make decisions on credit and credit related services or other facilities, about you, your partner, other members of your household or your business
    • Trace your whereabouts and recover debts that you owe
    • Manage credit and credit related accounts and other facilities; and
    • Undertake statistical analysis and system testing.
  7. Law enforcement agencies may also access and use this information.
  8. The finance company and other organisations may access and use from other countries the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies.

You can contact the Credit Reference Agencies currently operating in the UK. The information they hold may not be the same so it is worth contacting them all. They will charge you a small statutory fee.

Call Credit Consumer Services Team
PO Box 491
(or call 0870 060 1414)

Equifax plc
Credit File Advice Centre
PO Box 3001
(or call 0870 010 0583 or log on to

Experian Consumer Help Service
PO Box 8000
NG80 7WF
(or call 0870 241 6212 or log on to

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