Rider Profile: Mason Johnson #88

Age: 16

Favourite track: Cadwell park

Favourite bike: BMW F 900 R Cup bike

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Like so many motorcycle racers I have loved motorbikes from a very young age. My first experience on a bike was a lesson on a trials bike that I got for my 6th birthday. During only my second lesson I was able to progress from a tarmac car park and into the wooded trails, which was a much more exciting experience!

I spent a year learning on my 50cc Sherco trials bike before my parents took me to the Scott Redding academy on my 7th birthday, where I learned how to ride on a track. Within 10 minutes of the Rookie class, I was assessed by the instructors and moved straight into the Pro class. We spent months going to this academy before making the step into racing with the FAB championship. I started in the Rookie class where I finished 2nd in the championship in my first season.

Continuing through FAB, I rode in the Pro class on my minimoto, and the following year progressed to the metrakit 50cc where I enjoyed being competitive. In my second year of the Metrakit series I had a major accident where I lost the top half of my finger. This put a stop to any racing for a few months, healing just in time for the British Talent Cup trials (where I couldn’t even touch the floor on the bikes). I made it through to the final selection but unfortunately just missed out.

I started the next year on a 70cc Metrakit again with FAB racing, before an opportunity to race an Aprilia RS 125cc became available. Travelling to the Isle of Man we raced on the Jurby track where I finished first in class. This experience helped me decide I’d rather continue racing the 125 and went on to win multiple races with both North Gloucester and Bemsee Blue Haze championships. During this year I received a special dispensation from the ACU, allowing me to race a Kawasaki 300cc for the last three rounds of the Bemsee championship. This made me the youngest rider to ever ride a 300 at 12 years old. I progressed every round and finished in 5th position at the last round.

The following year I moved onto the new format of the British Talent Cup on a Moto3 bike. I was quite successful following a test in Jerez, however our main sponsor had to withdraw due to financial difficulties which meant we could only take part in the final three rounds. The following year I managed to run mid-pack in a highly competitive field.

I continued with the Moto3 bike for 2022, but as I continued to grow I started to feel less comfortable on the bike, hampering my ability to perform as I knew I could. At the end of last year, we decided that a bigger bike may be the way forward and took the steps to join the new BMW F 900 R Cup.

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Racing History

2023: BMW F 900 R cup

2020: 2022: BTC Honda NSF 250

2019: Kawasaki 300, Aprilia 125, Metrakit 70

2018: Metrakit 50, KTM 65

2017: mini moto pro class with a 14mm restrictor

2016: mini moto rookie 10mm restricted championship

2015: started riding and first race on mini moto

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/John5onracing

Instagram: m88on_bsb_f900

Contact: Ryan Johnson

Email: Ryan.j@email.com

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