Motorrad Stories of 2015 Adventure Winner.

Read the story of Graham’s epic Alaskan adventure in his own words.

“Alaska in August was… hot. Especially in full biker gear unwrapping the metres of plastic swathing my 1982 BMW R 80 ST, fresh from its packing crate, in the parking lot of the Fed-Ex building at Anchorage airport. Eighteen months previously I’d started prepping the bike (that is, completely rebuilding it) to fulfil my dream of riding the James W. Dalton Highway (the ‘Haul Road’), in the far north of this huge and sparsely populated state of the USA. The road is now famous all over the world from the TV series ‘Ice Road Truckers’. Due to the remoteness and often severe weather, it is recommended that motorcyclists do not ride this road alone, so I had originally booked to do this part of my trip with a tour company before going solo for the rest. Unfortunately they cancelled the 2015 tour, so I decided “what the hell, just do it”, and decided to ride this iconic road alone. Before travelling north to the Dalton Highway, I rode south from Anchorage down to the very end of the Kenai Peninsula and a stop at the Homer Spit campground.

“There I met a biker travelling alone on his Kawasaki who, typical of the hospitality given by one touring motorcyclist to another, invited me to stay at his house in Fairbanks. This was a welcome opportunity to do some last-minute preparations to the bike and store some of my gear to lighten the load for the Dalton Highway. Eight days in Alaska and I finally started riding the road that this entire trip was planned around, starting at the Elliot Highway and ending at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay oilfields. My route-planning after completing the Dalton had been left intentionally vague, to allow for some serendipity.

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“As a result, once in Dawson City, Capital of the Klondike, I decided to do another challenging ride north on the Dempster Highway all the way to Inuvik, which is the furthest you can ride north in Canada. From there I had only one way to go: south through Canada, riding some exceptional roads and enjoying spectacular scenery. Even though my bike took some punishment, and needed repairs at an airhead specialist in Vernon, I’d recommend this route to any touring biker.”