Keeping your bike safe.

Keeping your bike safe and your insurance premium low: what you need to know.

Here at BMW Motorrad we know you love your bike, so we have provided our top tips below on how to protect your bike and reduce your insurance premium.

At a glance.
  • You can take control of your bike security to minimise the risk of theft, which could also have a positive effect on your insurability and premiums too.
  • Riders can face difficulty when purchasing insurance after experiencing theft because they are considered a high risk – as is the case with many other insurance policies.
  • We have provided a quick guide for you below, explaining how to increase your bike security and the potential favourable insurance implications.
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I’ve read about the increase in bike theft, what can I do to help prevent thieves targeting my bike?

There has been an unfortunate rise in bike theft but there are several steps you can take to reduce your risk of theft. Firstly, avoid parking your motorcycle on the street where it is easily visible. Instead, park your bike in a garage or secure parking facility as often as possible. Always use a ground anchor and chain when they are available and use visible security when parking on the street.

When your bike is parked, be sure to keep it covered and your bike keys out of sight, away from windows and doors. There are a number of products we would recommend to protect your bike against theft. The Met Police are currently running a campaign of ‘Lock, Chain, Cover’ promoting more visible security to make your bike less visible to thieves. Layer your security, the more security devices you can use the better. 

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What are the top security features you would recommend to protect my bike against theft?
  • BMW Anti-Theft Alarm - The BMW Anti-theft alarm system provides protection from vehicle theft. If the motorcycle is moved or struck violently, the system responds with visual and acoustic signals. It is activated via the ignition or by remote control.
  • Thatcham 3 approved or Sold Secure chain and lock - Use a 15mm+ thick chain lock where possible, secure this to a ground anchor or lamp post or railing or something immovable. Try to keep the chain close to the body of the bike and if feasible, off the floor, this makes it harder to attack the lock or chain with tools.  
  • BMW Motorrad Disk Lock – Securing your front brake disc stops a thief’s ability to simply wheel your bike away. You can use this in addition to chain or where a chain is not possible.
  • BMW TrakKING Adventure Tracking System - Insurers offer the highest discount for professionally fitted and activated tracking systems covertly operating. If the vehicle is taken, the activation of the tracker systems provides a very good chance of quickly recovering the bike and helping to convict the people involved. 
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I’ve noticed an increase in my insurance premiums, why is this?

One of the key reasons for the increase in insurance premiums is the reduction of the Ogden discount rate. This change originally took place in March 2017 and saw the Ogden rate reduced from 2.5% to 0.75% before increasing back to 1% in September 2017. As a result, insurance companies may have to pay out larger sums, which in turn results in higher premiums to cover the potentially high pay outs. This has affected the insurance industry as a whole. The spike in bike crime has also resulted in many riders across the country being charged more to mitigate potential risk.

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How can I reduce my insurance premium?

BMW Motorrad Insurance Solutions recommend that you call through on 0345 606 6127 to obtain your insurance quotation for BMW Motorrad Insurance. By calling, we can understand your personal circumstances in more depth, and this helps us offer you a more competitive quote.

BMW Motorrad Insurance offer discounts for customers whose bikes have the below security features, because it is deemed that a motorcycle will be less at risk of theft with these features.The discount offered correlates to the level of security the feature provides or the probability of retrieving the bike following the theft:

Thatcham 3 or Sold Secure Chain (Up to 7.5%) , Approved Category 1 Alarm and Immobilser (Up to 12.5%), Disc Lock – (up to 7.5%),  Tracking – up to 15%.

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We are continually evaluating the service and packages we offer and the cost to provide these. Investing in security features such as a disc lock, track or chain will not only help to reduce your premium, but also protect your bike in the long run. "

Steve Cann

BMW Insurance Solutions, General Manager

I’m struggling to find an insurance company that will cover my bike, what can I do?
  • Investing in one, or a selection of the security features listed throughout can be all that is needed to help secure insurance. These security features also have the added benefit of keeping your bike safe when not in use.
  • It is always worth phoning us to get a quote, because it allows us to get a more detailed understanding of your circumstances. A key product to help in obtaining an insurance quote is purchasing a tracker, and in some cases it is essential.
  • A factory fit immobiliser is required for bikes over £10,000 and comes as standard on BMW Motorrad bikes. You should remember to reference this when completing the Security Information as part of your BMW Motorrad Insurance quote.
  • Park your bike in a garage. Hire a parking space in someone else’s garage or a secure parking facility if you do not have a garage of your own. As with security features, secure parking can also help to obtain an insurance quote. Alternatively, parking in your garden is also considered more secure than on-road parking by most insurance providers. 
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The following instances require a tracker in order to receive a BMW Motorrad Insurance quote:

  •  All BMW bikes in London and surrounding areas must have a tracking unit in order for us to review for a quote.
  • All bikes over the value of £15,000 require a tracker to be fitted in order to get a quote both online and via the phone.
  • All BMW S1000 R, S1000 RR and S1000 XR models require a tracker in order to be quoted for BMW Motorrad Insurance.

*BMW Insurance is arranged by Devitt Insurance Services Limited and underwritten from a limited number of Insurers. Eligibility terms and conditions apply.


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