R 1200 GS Adventure

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The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure.

Keeping the ideal grip on adventure.

Do you love extreme, long tours, even on bumpy roads? Do you enjoy stony paths or the wilderness? Whether it's asphalt, offroad, rocks or sand: the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure has the right answers to every challenge with its light, agile handling. A machine for all those who want to go to their limits - and grow beyond them. Or put more simply: a machine for the real adventure-lovers among you. Those who really want to put their superiority to the test in a new way every time and of course, having a great deal of riding fun in doing so.

Model Variants.

  • R 1200 GS Adventure

    Available in: Racing Red Uni

    • On-board Computer

    • Adjustable Windscreen

    • Cross Spoke Wheels

    • Removable Rear foot rests

    • Storage Compartment


  • R 1200 GS Adventure Rallye

    Available in: Light White / Cordoba Blue 

    • As Rallye package it includes:

    • Cordoba Blue frame

    • Tank in White with style tapes

    • Rallye Seat

    • Windscreen from R 1200 GS 

    • Luggage Rack Cover



  • R 1200 GS Adventure TE

    Available in: Racing Red Uni 

    This package includes:

    • Heated Grips

    • Dynamic ESA

    • Daytime Running Lights

    • Additional Foglight

    • Riding mode Pro Dynamic, Enduro & Enduro Pro

    • ABS Pro

    • Dynamic Brake Light

    • Preparation for GPS

    • Cruise Control

    • L & R Pannier Fastenings for Aluminium Cases

    • On-Board Computer Pro

    • Cruise Control

    • LED Headlight

    • Chrome Exhaust

    • Tyre Pressure Control


  • R1200 GS Adventure Triple Black

    Exclusively available in Black Storm Metallic / Dark Slate Metallic Matt and Achat Grey

    • As R 1200 GS Adventure TE plus;

    • Black seat with embossed GS logo


    Please note that panniers are not included with this model.

  • R 1200 GS Adventure Rallye TE

    Available in Light White / Cordoba Blue 

    Specification same as R1200 GS Adventure TE plus Rallye style package which includes:

    • Cordoba Blue frame,
    • Tank in White with style tapes,
    • Luggage Rack Cover (GS windscreen & Rallye Seat available if Passenger Pack is removed)

    Price: £17,670

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  • BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
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The design of the R 1200 GS Adventure

Choose your style.

Maybe dust and mud is your idea of style when it comes to the R 1200 GS Adventure. But we can make your GS Adventure even more individual still - for besides our dynamic basic colour, we've developed two further bike styles for you.

Racing red

Racing red as your basic colour will lend your bike a highly distinctive look for every mile it covers.

Rallye style

With the rallye style, in Light white and the main frame colour Cordoba blue, ambitious Offroad riders really get their money's worth.

Exclusive style

The Exclusive style, in Black storm metallic, the tank cover dark slate metallic matt and the main frame colour Achat grey, places the focus on a confident appearance.

BMW Motorrad Insurance Solutions.

BMW Motorrad Insurance Solutions.

BMW Motorrad Insurance is designed just for BMW riders, giving you peace of mind when you're out on the open road.

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Black, blacker, Triple Black.

Two is better than one, as the saying goes. And three? This is when most become speechless. And faced with the R 1200 GS Adventure Triple Black special edition, it's hardly a surprise: after all, it emanates pure power.

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Design: eyes open and go!

The R 1200 GS Adventure shies away from no adventure. Least of all a challenge. And you can tell by looking at it. The first impression alone underlines its character: the design is powerful, robust and dynamic. Wind, weather and engine protection are remarkably carved out.
The visual focus of the machine is shunted towards the front. Complete with the weighty spray protection, the R 1200 GS Adventure looks positively aggressive. Always ready to tackle the next difficulty head-on. The weighty 30-litre tank emanates a powerful presence. And underpins the promise that you won't have to give up so easily – regardless of how heavily the odds may be stacked in your favour.
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Twin-cylinder boxer engine

kW (125 HP) at 7,750 rpm
mm seat height
litre fuel tank capacity
kg maximum load
Air/liquid-cooled four-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine

Reliable and powerful.

Reliable and powerful.

Regardless of where you're off to: the R 1200 GS Adventure is always a dynamic companion. And inspired by the legendary boxer torque of 125 Nm and 92 kW (125 HP) from a water-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke engine. Its cooling concept rests on a combination of air and liquid cooling. Resulting in efficiency, high torque and above all: reliability.

The wet clutch with anti-hopping function and the electric throttle make the R 1200 GS Adventure into the ideal companion to those for whom no way is too far – or two rocky.

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Experience the sound of the R 1200 GS Adventure

The highlights of the R 1200 GS Adventure

Tank and engine protection bar.
Spray protection.
30 litre fuel tank made of aluminium.
Large windscreen.
Comfortable seat.
Practical storage compartment.
Stainless steel luggage carrier.
Cross-spoke wheels.

A lot of equipment. More riding fun.

A lot of equipment. More riding fun.

With the R 1200 GS Adventure, you can master any terrain. Because this Enduro leaves nothing to be desired with its practical equipment: two standard riding modes – "Rain" and "Road" – can be selected at the touch of a button and provide you with two completely different and ideally attuned types of riding characteristics. There are also other modes available as optional extras.

The tank volume of 30 litres makes you truly unstoppable on long trips without unwanted breaks. You also have an on-board computer as part of the standard equipment: for perfect navigation and the display of important data such as fuel level, speed and consumption. Just as practically oriented: above the tank there is a storage compartment. Meaning you have smaller objects at your fingertips immediately and all the time.

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  • The classic BMW Motorrad partially integral ABS comes as standard with this series. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, this safety feature makes braking easier and safer in the wet, in emergency situations, when you’re riding with a passenger and when you’re carrying luggage – basically, in any conditions. This gives the rider the optimum stopping distance at all times without the wheels locking. For offroad use, the ABS can simply be switched off.
  • Via an electric throttle system, the rider's request is passed on directly by a sensor on the throttle grip to the engine control and in turn the throttle valve. Resulting in once again improved controllability and response characteristics for even more control.
  • The "rain" mode allows a soft throttle response is. The ABS control is set for road operation and the automatic stability control ASC is configured for road operation with a low friction coefficient. In "road" mode, the throttle response is optimised, the ABS configured for road operation and the ASC for a high friction coefficient.

  • A soft throttle response characterises the "Enduro" mode. In addition, the control characteristics of the Enduro ABS and the automatic stability control Enduro ASC are configured for light offroad use with road-adapted Enduro tyres. As a dedicated offroad rider, you can also take the "Enduro Pro" mode after inserting the coding plug, which offers optimised throttle response with Enduro ABS and Enduro ASC regulation configured for use with studded tyres. For even more control when offroad. What is more, the rear wheel ABS is deactivated in this mode, allowing you to perform flawless braking drifts.

More individuality

Special equipment and accessories.

A new challenge every time. Never the same route twice. No familiar routes. Thanks to the wide range of special equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories, you can put together your very own R 1200 GS Adventure exactly how you want it.

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Discover the Spirit of GS

A look back at the 2016 International GS Trophy.

Team South Africa wins the GS challenge in Thailand.

Manoeuvring motorcycles over dilapidated bridges, crossing rivers with the GS and changing tyres in a hurry: the International GS Trophy is an enduro challenge like no other.

In 2016 it was time for the event once again. 19 teams from all over the world rode their BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles across northern Thailand. The GS riders conquered 1,400 kilometres, 19 special tests and seven daily stages. They crossed jungles, dams and rain forests, enduring brutal heat and high humidity. The sixth International GS Trophy left them physically exhausted but satisfied in every other respect.

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Accessories for the R 1200 GS Adventure

Clothing for your off-road adventures

Other Adventure models