Removing road salt and dirt is especially important during the winter months. Our cleaning products are specifically manufactured to work with the materials of your bike, to ensure your bike is always ready to ride. 

BMW Motorrad CARE products are available from your local BMW Motorrad Approved Retailer or online via our eBay store.


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Always be prepared
  • Regularly rinse off the salt deposits after winter rides and intensify the care with the appropriate means. Dose the high pressure cleaner softly and do not point the spray directly at the intake duct and bearing. You can of course get care products from us.
  • We recommend standing the motorcycle on the centre stand over the winter, so as not to permanently strain the tyres and spring elements over the immobilisation period at winter time. In order to avoid flat spots, you should move your BMW to and fro every now and again – the smallest space is sufficient for this.
  • If your motorcycle is not ridden for prolonged periods, the charge of the battery drops. In the past, people would have to laboriously remove the battery and take it with them into their warm flats in order to charge it up in time for the start of the season. Today, there are brilliant charge retention devices, which can usually be connected to the battery without it having to be removed. Practical, provided you also have access to a plug socket.
  • Your BMW's synthetic oils are not only highly resilient in operation, but also withstand the test of time during immobilisation periods. Because they continue working flawlessly even after winter after a short warm-up. For metal tanks, we recommend filling up before immobilisation, because otherwise the tank may corrode on the inside due to condensed moisture. For plastic tanks, this is not an issue. For carburettor-operated motorcycles, you should disconnect the feed cable between the tank and the carburettor and allow the fuel to drain out of the carburettor in order to prevent hardening. For modern injection engines – as exhibited by the entire BMW Motorrad range – this measure is not required.