BMS-X detects a spinning rear wheel by comparing the speeds of the front and rear wheel via the ABS sensors and data measured by the angular rate sensor (inclination sensor). The engine control triggers a corresponding reduction in the drive torque in such cases by reducing the ignition position, intervening in fuel injection and influencing the position of the throttle valve.
Unlike with previous BMW Motorrad ASC systems, the inclined position is also determined via intricate clusters of sensors and taken into account in the control behaviour with DTC traction control. DTC is individually combined with each of the different driving modes, thereby ensuring maximum driving safety at all times.
Although DTC traction control provides valuable support and is an enormous safety bonus for the rider when accelerating, like ABS it cannot redefine the physical limits. It is still possible to exceed these limits due to misjudgement or riding errors, which in extreme cases can result in a fall. DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) does however assist you in making better and above all safer use of dynamic riding options. For special requirements e.g. racing use, DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) can be switched off separately however.
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