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Highlights of the K 1600 GTL

Enthralling engine
Focus on the six-cylinder engine.
Integrated smartphone charging compartment
Integrated charging compartment with mobile phone.
Configurable Favourites buttons
Focus on the four numbered Favourites buttons.
High-quality Option 719 Classic forged wheel
Black Option 719 wheel on the K 1600 GTL.
Brilliant 10.25" TFT display
Focus on the TFT display of the K 1600 GTL.
Generous luggage and storage space
Focus on the open side bags of the K 1600 GTL.
Powerful LED headlights
Focus on the LED headlights.
Sound-enhancing audio system 2.0
Focus on the TFT display and the K 1600 GTL’s speakers.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a trip unforgettable. That’s why the K 1600 GTL is exclusive down to the last detail: be it the armrest for your companion, the sophisticated liners for cases and topcase or the numerous chrome parts that make your bike look perfect. You yourself can rely on the best light conditions you could have hoped for thanks to the full LED headlight with adaptive headlight. Turn night into day – and enjoy riding around the clock in ideal light conditions: for exclusive comfort and greater safety.

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3 years warranty

Ride on & on & on. We`re giving you an extra year. 

Now there's a 3-year warranty on all motorcycles. 

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Be yourself – and show it

Spoilt for choice on colours

The colour variants of the K 1600 GTL emphasise its prestigious character. After all, the fact you are travelling at the top end of the spectrum should not just become evident from comfort and performance, it also needs to look beautiful.

Option 719 Havanna

Paintwork in Meteoric dust II metallic, black Option 719 forged wheels, and the Option 719 seat emphasise this performance touring bike's unstoppable forward thrust.


Travelling means discovering worlds – including worlds of colour: with its elegantly looking Black and Monolith metallic, Style Exclusive in Gravity blue metallic is downright calming and unleashes pure dynamics on demand – outstandingly accompanied by chrome add-on parts.

Black storm metallic

All black. This has always been a sign of calm elegance and powerful dynamics, making it the perfect choice for the K 1600 GTL.

Option 719 Antigua

The BMW K 1600 GTL Option 719 Antigua looks radiant in the Blue Ridge Mountain metallic paintwork with linework. Who else immediately gets the urge to go on a tour of the Appalachians when reading about this colour variant?

Exclusive – exclusively for you

Exclusive – exclusively for you

At the end of the day, staying true to yourself and your approach is the most important thing – even when you’re travelling. Turn the K 1600 GTL into your very own bike with our optional equipment and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories. The comfort package already provides you with additional LED headlights and engine protection bars as well as Keyless Ride, central locking system and anti-theft alarm. The package is rounded off by shift assistant Pro, enabling gearshifts without having to actuate the clutch.

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The name says it all

The name says it all

The K 1600 GTL is as complete and accomplished as you could picture it in your wildest dreams. However, just like it is possible to add a few kilometres to every trip, we can always add more to the bike. We have put together two bikes for you to inspire you: the “endurance runner” and the “exclusive” variants. Be inspired and discover even more comfort and personal highlights.

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Athletic, dynamic and superior, the K 1600 GTL represents exclusive and comfortable travelling. However, our design standards go even further: being connected to each other, reading maps, reaching your destination as a team along the most beautiful routes. The 10.25" TFT colour display of the K 1600 GTL is the perfect companion for this purpose. Its full-screen mode offers a fully interactive map view for navigation with the BMW Motorrad Connected app: for cockpit navigation like you have never experienced it before. In split screen mode, on the other hand, you can rely on several functions at the same time, and you are able to control them in a straight-forward way using the multi-controller.

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Legendary six-cylinder in-line engine

cc capacity
Nm max. torque at 5,250 rpm
litres of storage space
mm seat height
Oil/water-cooled, six-cylinder, four-stroke, in-line engine

How do legends come about and how do they travel around the world? With the K 1600 GTL’s six-cylinder engine, the answer is clear: by travelling. Its superior character and performance are legendary, yet tangible. And thanks to the revised engine control unit, output and torque are now even more powerful. The motorcycle already develops the 160 hp rated output 1,000 rpm earlier, at 6,750 rpm. Engine drag torque control (dynamic engine brake control) and Dynamic ESA ensure stability plus safety and are perfectly adapted to the now even more emotionally designed riding modes: for even more focussed performance touring.

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