Hi Danny, welcome to the team! How have you been spending your time during the off-season so far?

Thank you! I’m excited to be part of the team. I have been spending lots of time with my family, keeping our three-year old entertained through lockdown, and I guess getting on my wife’s nerves because I’m around more than I usually am!

I have been going through my off-season training plan, which is always hard work – getting as prepared as possible for a successful season. I also have business interests outside of racing that always keep me busy. 

How do you prepare for an upcoming race season, especially with a new bike to help develop and adapt to?

To be honest, I am treating this season like I would any other, training and nutrition is key for me at this time of year to help me train consistently and build better strength and endurance.

With regards to riding a new motorcycle, as soon as I can get out to Spain to ride my practice bike I will. This will give me an idea how the SYNETIQ BMW S 1000 RR likes to be ridden and if there are any differences that I need to adapt to when we get on the M 1000 RR race bike. 


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What was it about joining BMW Motorrad and the SYNETIQ BMW team that most excited you?

We (Philip and I) have always spoken. TAS Racing always put out a beautiful bike and presentation, which is great for everyone, fans and sponsors alike. As well as the team’s previous successes, the official support from BMW Motorrad UK made it a no brainer for me. Yes, it’s going to be different, but with the right crew and time on the bike we can be competitive.

You’re going to be one of the first riders to experience BMW Motorrad’s first ever ‘M’ bike, the M 1000 RR. What are you expecting from the bike?

I have no expectations to be honest and will be going in with an open mind, it’s fantastic that BMW has made an M motorcycle, the M cars are brilliant so I’m sure the bike will be too. As a team we will work through the testing programme, find what works and what doesn’t, and then go racing!

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Andy Irwin is your team-mate in 2021, do you get on with him from your time in the paddock, and what do you expect him to bring to the team?

I have always got on well with Andy, and to be fair I get on with most people! I understand what we do out there is business and nothing personal, but with that said, I treat everyone with respect.

I think Andy will bring the experience he has gained working with other factory teams, areas they work on, how they structure a weekend. I believe with mine, Andy’s, and the experience of the TAS team, we will come up with a mega package! I believe we’ll work well together to get the best out of the bike during testing. Andy also likes to push on, which I admire, so I’m sure we will push each other to be better all season.

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This year’s BSB format keeps the three-race per weekend schedule. How do you think that will affect the championship over a full season?

I believe it’s a good thing for sure, I love racing so an extra one every weekend is awesome! It will definitely close the championship up, as more races means more opportunity to recoup some points if you DNF.

You’ve been given the keys to a BMW car for the year, what have you decided on?!

I have an X3 M40D M sport, the car is fantastic – it’s a rapid family car, which is perfect as I have two children. It’s got that sporty feel with the comfort of knowing the family is being driven in safety as well as luxury, and I’m very grateful for that.

Thanks Danny, and best of luck to you and the SYNETIQ BMW team this season.

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