The Inspiration

The Bauhaus was arguably the most influential architecture, art and design school of the 20th century. In 1923 the Bauhaus changed its slogan to ‘Art into Industry’. The school became famous for its approach to design, which attempted to unify individual artistic vision with the principles of mass production and emphasis on function.

The design of our R 18 Bauhaus combined the individual artistic vison of Stu & Rory @ Pier City Custom and the BMW Motorrad UK marketing team. All of them from different backgrounds and tastes in art and bikes the combination of their vision is fully realised in this stunning custom R 18.

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The paint scheme pays homage to The Bauhaus style which features simple geometric shapes like rectangles and spheres, without elaborate decorations.  The simplistic nature of the colour scheme enhances the rest of the bike unifying the mechanical masterpiece.

Keeping heritage at the forefront of this design The Bauhaus unifies two popular models in the Heritage family.  The core of the custom is the R 18, keeping the big 1800cc boxer engine with the sportster rear frame and bobber single seat style.

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The rear frame has been harmoniously configured to the R nineT A-frame and the Bauhaus features, stub handle bars, mirrors, front forks, spoked wheels both front and rear.

To maintain the sporty attitude of the Bauhaus we have added the M 1000 RR front mud guard and brakes from the S 1000 RR with Dunlop Race Slick tyres.

Credit is also due to the other talented individuals that have been involved to create this stunning custom Sportster.

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