The Inspiration

We wanted to create a bike that took the best elements of riding a California cruiser – comfort on the open road, an emotional soundtrack and showstopping looks – and adapt it for the British road.

Despite creating a high level of individuality, we also wanted to retain the core ethos of the R18. Subtle yet powerful modifications make the CC stand in a league of its own, and from first glance you can still see that R18 DNA shining through. 

The result is a bike as equally at home winding through the Cotswolds as cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway.

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The exhaust, both in sound and appearance, is sensational, and we’re delighted with the end result. Straight, shotgun pipes spit flames and provide an unforgettable soundtrack, whilst aesthetically the heat wraps and polished finish create a visual spectacle.

The rear fender, although a challenge, is still a huge success on the bike. It’s a central aspect of the design that instantly draws your eye.

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We’re particularly proud of the paintwork on the CC, and Derek Tooze has created the perfect shade that fuses California Cruiser style with British design elements.

From deep metallic gloss to satin, a variety of finishes work in harmony to accentuate the silhouette of the CC and draw attention to specific design elements.

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What parts have been replaced?

- Exhaust 

- Rear lights and indicators 

- Handlebars 

- Fenders front and rear 

- Seat 

- Cylinder head covers 

- Generator cover 

- Headlight surround 

- Wiring loom replaced for custom light set 

- Brake lines 

- Reservoir caps

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