The Inspiration

The inspiration for the build to move the soul and inspire others to challenge and find adventure. 

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The aesthetic challenge came in the form of integrating the copper into the build, in a way that made the copper clearly the theme running through the colour palette of the build, whilst being extremely careful as to not overpower with the copper elements, as well as keeping ideas original. 

The other aesthetic challenge was to give the bike an element of a vintage guise, not only to complement the heritage range of which the R18 is derived from, but to complement the natural aging process the customer desired from the copper. 

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The fabrication challenges came in the form of a request from the customer to shorten the rear end and give the mudguard a "flick up", whilst maintaining the ability to carry a pinion.

The rear mudguard and passenger sub frame has been shortened by 70mm, it may not look like this is the case, this has been done deliberately.

The 70mm of metal was removed from the center of the mudguard and passenger sub frame to enable the tip of the rear mudguard to be rotated forward towards the riders seat, to give the "flick" requested by the customer. A huge amount went into grafting the mudguard back together in such a way that kept the factory lines, the factory mounting points of the passenger sub frame to future proof it for luggage usage and to make it look like it's never been touched. This section of the bike was the biggest challenge of the build by far. 


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What parts have been replaced?

- Wheels (bespoke built 21"/ 18" with vintage valanced rims)

- Front mudguard (PCC Bespoke)

- Exhaust (Rough Crafts)

- Headlight 

- Rear lights 

- Master Cylinders (Gen2 R NineT)

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