Motorrad Central's Custom R 18

Over the winter months, the team have been busy creating a masterpiece. 

With the combined vision of our Salesman Nik and Workshop Manager Simon, we wanted to showcase what was possible with an R 18. So we took a new BMW R 18 First Edition, wheeled it through to the workshop and Simon got to work.

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The whole team got on board and the project grew bigger as more ideas were thrown into the mix, but the end result blew us all away. I don’t think any of us were prepared for how good this would turn out.

It’s truly stunning and a credit to Simon for his work and dedication throughout this project. As a special thanks, his daughter's name is even featured on the bike.

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From a pearl paint colour change, custom suspension, and exhaust, to the finest of BMW Roland Sands Design parts. It’s safe to say there is no part left untouched, even the wheels have been hand built from scratch using the original hubs.

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