Muscle Bobber #2


Our aim was to produce a stripped back, bare bobber as a salute to the spirit of the original machines from the 1920s.

So how did we do it? We started by removing the rear light units and replaced them with Kellermann Atto three-in-one LEDs. While virtually invisible, they suffer no loss in luminosity. We took the opportunity to reposition them much lower, to just above and forward of the rear hub.

The entire solo seat assembly is a unique design of our own and manufactured by our local partners to our specification. The slim, laser cut, powder coated steel brings out the classic feel of the bike, while ensuring the seating position is comfortable and practical. However, if you need to carry a pillion, it’s a simple process to interchange it with the OE dual unit, which won’t obscure our rear light upgrade.

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We searched for a set of fat flyer bars to retrofit but ended up fabricating our own. Carefully considering the dimensions of the clutch and brake master cylinder mounts, which differ in size, so it took some re-engineering. During the process, we cleaned up the front of the bike by channelling the switchgear cables through the bars, which enhances the retro look of the bike even further.

We also fabricated our own pipework for the open filter system to make it function correctly. The angular pitch of the throttle bodies needed remounting to the vertical plane, so new mounts had to be machined for a precise fit. 

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Fitting a “straight through” exhaust system can be easy, but just bolting on some pipes just wasn’t good enough. We created a “reverse cone” system in the retro style while ensuring rider aids, cats and flaps remain fully functional.

As for the colour scheme, we used the Candy paint finish - it’s hardly period 1920s black, but we did it because we just love it. The engine covers have been powder coated black with a coloured metallic micro flake - subtle, but a nice final touch.

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BHC Motorcycles:

The R 18 range is made for customisation, so contact your local retailer to book a test ride and how you can make your customisation come to life.

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