Vertu's Custom R 18


This one of a kind R18 Custom First Edition is located and has been customised at our very own BMW Motorrad Sunderland.  

The bike, (or Clarice, as she is known locally) is a culmination of the talented Sunderland Team’s imagination, and artistic prowess. Powerful, yet stunningly sleek, the R18 is sure to invoke many a happy memory, and to stir the imagination of what is to come, whilst still maintaining the heritage and ride of the Motorrad Iconic Marque.  

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The creation of the team’s customisation is a cruiser that is full of character, with a one-off Metallic Candy Apple coachwork, which guarantees to attract the gaze of the jealous, overzealous, and the downright lovestruck public. The bike has added options such as colour altered ape handlebars, rear seat pegs and heads, and boasts the much-admired powerful boxer engine which brings out the beast hidden within this beauty. 

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These stylish changes sit alongside other timeless design features, including 3 riding modes, Rock, Roll and Rain. YES!! that really is the name of the 3 riding modes, which means all you have to bring to the R18 party is Soul, a Free Spirit, and a Zest for the open road.


As we love to say here at the Sunderland dealership “life is a journey, so why not make life a ride?”

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