Seat Height Overview

With individual adjustment solutions for almost every model, BMW Motorrad supports a custom fit between rider and motorcycle. This promotes standing stability and therefore confident, secure handling at traffic lights or when manoeuvering. BMW Motorrad offer a wide variety of different options to alter the position and height of our seats. This means you will always find a motorcycle that fits you. Below you will find an in-depth breakdown of all of our seat heights by model.


R 18

Seat Height

690mm - Standard Seat

685mm - Custom Seat (Accessory)

690mm - Custom Fastback Seat (Accessory)

690mm - Day Rider Seat (Accessory)

700mm - Weekender Seat (Accessory)

710mm - Comfort Seat (Option)

710mm - Riders Seat High/ Seat High (Option)

R 18 Classic

Seat Height

710mm - Standard Seat

685mm - Custom Seat (Accessory)

690mm - Riders Seat Low 

690mm - Day Rider Seat (Accessory)

690mm - Custom Fastback Seat (Accessory)

700mm - Weekender Seat (Accessory)



R 18 Transcontinental

Seat Height

740mm - Standard Seat


R 18 B

Seat Height

720mm - Standard Seat




R 18 Roctane

Seat Height

720mm - Standard Seat




R 12

Seat Height

754 mm - Standard Seat




R 12 NineT

Seat Height

795mm - Standard Seat





R 1250 RS

Seat Height

820mm - Standard Seat 

760mm - Extra Low seat (Option/ Accessory) 

790mm - Low Seat  (Accessory)

840mm - Sport Seat (Option), Sport Front Seat (Accessory)

S 1000 RR

Seat Height

824mm - Standard Seat 

824mm - Standard M Sport Seat (M Package)

814mm - M Sport Seat, Low (Accessory)

824mm - M Sport Seat (Accessory)

849mm - M Sport Seat, High (Accessory)




S 1000 XR

840mm - Standard Seat

790mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option)

820mm - Low Seat (Option)

850mm - Comfort Seat (Accessory), Rider: +10mm, passenger: -5mm compared to standard, incl. heat reflect cover

860mm - High Seat (Option)

F 900 XR

825mm - Standard Seat

775mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option)

795mm - Low Seat (Option/Accessory)

840mm - High Seat (Accessory) 

845mm - Comfort Seat (Accessory)

870mm - Extra High Seat (Accessory)


M 1000 RR

Seat Height

832mm - Standard Seat 

822mm - M Sport Seat Low (Accessory)

852mm - M Sport Seat High (Accessory)

M 1000 R

Seat Height

830mm - Standard Seat 

810mm - M Sport Seat Low (Accessory)

850mm - M Sport Seat High (Accessory)

M 1000 XR

Seat Height

850mm - Standard Seat 

820mm - M Sport Seat Low (Accessory)

870mm - M Sport Seat High (Accessory)

Urban Mobility

C 400 X

Seat Height

775mm - Standard Seat

762mm - Low Seat (Accessory)


C 400 GT

Seat Height

775mm - Standard Seat

762mm- Low Seat (Accessory)



CE 04

Seat Height

780mm - Standard Seat

800mm- Comfort (Accessory)



CE 02

Seat Height

750mm - Standard Seat




G 310 R

Seat Height

785mm - Standard Seat

770mm - Low Seat (Accessory)

800mm - High Seat (Accessory) 

F 900 R

Seat Height

815mm - Standard Seat

770mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option)

790mm - Low Seat (Option/ Accessory)

835mm - High Seat (Accessory)

840mm - Comfort Seat (Accessory)

865mm - Extra High Seat (Option/ Accessory)

S 1000 R

Seat Height

830mm - Standard Seat 

810mm - Low Seat (Option)

850mm - High Seat (Option)



R 1250 R

Seat Height

820mm - Standard Seat

760mm - Extra Low Seat (Option/Accessory)

790mm - Low Seat (Option/Accessory)

840mm - Sport Seat (Option), Sport Front Seat (Accessory)



R 1250 RT

Seat Height

805/825mm - Standard Seat

760/780mm - Low Seat (Option/ Accessory)

830/850mm - High Seat (Option/ Accessory)

K 1600 GT

Seat Height

810/830mm - Standard Seat

750mm - Low Seat One-Piece (Accessory)

780mm - Seat One-Piece (Accessory)

780/800mm - Low Seat (Option)

810mm - High Seat One-Piece (Accessory)


K 1600 GTL

Seat Height

750mm - Standard Seat

780mm - High Seat (Accessory)

780/800mm - Low Front Seat Two-Piece (Accessory)

810mm - Extra High Seat (Option)

810/830mm - High Front Seat Two-Piece (Accessory)

K 1600 B

Seat Height

750mm - Standard Seat

780mm - High Seat (Option)

K 1600 Grand America

Seat Height

750mm - Standard Seat

780mm - High Seat (Option)

810mm - Extra High Seat (Option) 


G 310 GS

Seat Height

835mm - Standard Seat 

820mm - Low Seat (Accessory)

850mm - High Seat (Accessory) 

F 800 GS

Seat Height

815mm - Standard Seat 

760mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option)

780mm - Extra Low Seat (Option/Accessory)

790mm - Low Seat (Accessory)

830mm - Comfort Seat (Option/Accessory)

845mm - Rallye Seat (Accessory)

F 900 GS

Seat Height

870mm - Standard Seat 

815mm - Suspension Lowering Comfort Seat (Option)

835mm - Ralley Low Seat (Accessory)

890mm - Rallye Seat High(Accessory)

870mm - Single Seat (Option/Accessory)


F 900 GS Adventure

Seat Height

875mm - Standard Seat 

805mm - Suspension Lowering Comfort Seat (Option)

835mm - Low Seat (Accessory)

890mm - Rallye Seat (Accessory)

860mm - Double Seat (Option/Accessory)


R 1250 GS Adventure

Seat Height

890 / 910mm - Standard Seat

790 / 810mm - Low Front Seat (Accessory) incl. Low Suspension Kit (Option)

820 / 840mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option) incl. Black Seat (Option)

840 / 860mm - Low Suspension Kit (Option)

880mm - Low Rallye Seat (Accessory) 

900mm - High Rallye Seat (Accessory)

R 1300 GS

Seat Height

850mm - Standard Seat