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Off Road Skills Courses

  • Level One
    Master the Basics

    Our original Off Road Skills course, designed to get you enjoying yourself in the dirt as quickly as possible. The course that took Charley and Ewan around the world is still beguiling people with all the fun and challenges of exploring the world by bike.
    The two day Level One course takes you through all the essential skills needed to make you competent and safe off road, regardless of prior experience.

  • Level One - Women
    A Specific Level One Course For Women

    Perhaps you have not ridden for some time or a previous experience has affected your confidence? At BMW Off Road Skills, we appreciate that entering the mixed training environment can be intimidating for some people; that’s why we offer a targeted training scheme designed to help women comfortably enter or re-engage with motorcycle training

  • Level Two Foundation
    Brand New for 2017

    For 2017 the Off Road Skills team has developed a new training course to sit alongside our existing Level Two programme – Level Two: Foundation. It’s specifically designed for riders who have completed Level One and wish to progress to the skills taught on Level Two, but perhaps don’t have the opportunity to practice off-road riding between visits to us here in Wales.

  • Level Two
    Improve Your Skills

    A warm-up trail ride sets the scene for the two days with lots of riding between the lessons. The emphasis is not too technical or demanding, but is a step up from Level One. Vision and planning training will allow you to assess the trail ahead and deal with obstacles. From changing direction to riding off-camber trails and adjusting your riding position; the instructors will help you develop your existing core skills and learn new techniques.

  • Level Three
    Develop Advanced Techniques

    Our Level Three course is designed to give experienced, confident riders exciting new challenges – and ensure you go away with some truly advanced skills and some fantastic stories. The techniques covered in the lessons will teach you how to confidently do things with a BMW GS motorcycle that most people never imagine possible.

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Preparing for an Adventure?

  • Start Your Adventure
    Adventure Travel Training

    Adventure Travel Training is a two-day day course targeted at the budding overland adventurer. Once you have mastered the core skills taught in the Off Road Skills Level 1 Course, then Adventure Travel Training will develop these skills with a focus on travel riding.

  • Keep Your Adventure Going
    Adventure Maintenance

    The Off Road Skills Adventure Maintenance course is designed for you to learn the basic skills and knowledge that will allow you to maintain your own bike when travelling. Our years of travel and racing experience will help you to understand what is and isn’t repairable in the field; allowing you to make decisions that should help keep you moving.

In The UK or Away?

  • Brecon Beacons Adventure
    Explore Further

    Join Off Road Skills two day Brecon Beacons Adventure ride, based in beautiful Radnorshire, mid Wales. Your experience will include riding the great tracks and roads of Radnor Forest, perfectly suited to the BMW Enduro range. This trip offers miles of new trails for previous Off Road Skills participants.

  • Overseas Off Road Adventures
    Discover the Unknown

    Our Overseas adventures include tours to Australia, Iceland, Spain and Portugal, taking in some of the best scenery and riding the best roads in those countries. For more information on all of the overseas adventures click the button below.