Special-edition model GS Trophy

Ready for every adventure.

Whether off-road, on gravel tracks or stony paths: the F 800 GS as a special-edition GS Trophy model is a robust companion for every adventure. The Light White non-metallic paint with a chassis in Racing Red and GS Trophy Tape promises off-road fun. The comprehensive equipment, such as the aluminium bash plate, engine protection bar and (large) hand protectors, ensures a care-free enduro experience. The instruments with new dials are also easy to read.
With the motorcycle, you defy every challenge: the F 800 GS offers two adjustable riding modes "Rain" and "Road" as standard. For off-road adventures, you can add the "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" driving modes as optional accessories. Ride-by-Wire ensures the perfect speed on challenging terrain. The throttle response can thereby be controlled very easily and more finely.
Manoeuvring motorcycles over dilapidated bridges, crossing rivers with the motorcycle and changing tyres in a hurry: the International GS Trophy is an Enduro challenge like no other. That's why the GS Trophy name promises adventure. This special-edition model deals with all these challenges and extracts the ultimate enduro fun from the F 800 GS. It's a proper bike for proper adventurers.
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Equipment Packages

  • Comfort Package

    Effortless, comfortable and relaxed. With the comfort package, you'll be perfectly prepared for your adventure.

    The "comfort" package comprises the following components:

    • On-board Computer
    • Main Centre Stand
    • Heated Grips
    • L & R Pannier Fastenings
  • Dynamic Package

    The Dynamic package backs up your bike's sporty character.

    It is made up of the following:

    • ASC (Automatic Stability Control)
    • ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
    • Riding Modes Pro Enduro + Enduro Pro
  • Blackline Package

    A custom look with a colour tailored to the compact power of the bike. Exclusively available in Black Storm Metallic with Achat Grey frame.

    Standard Equipment: 

    • Hand Protection
    • Tinted Screen
    • LED Indicators
    • Heated Grips
    • On-board Computer
    • L & R Pannier Fastenings
    • BMW Motorrad ABS
    • Riding Modes Rain and Road
    • LED Rear Light

Accessories for your F 800 GS

Luggage systems.
    • Black plastic case and black plastic topcase
    • Capacity can be adjusted by moving a bar
    • Case capacity: approx. 28-38 l (right), approx. 19-29 l (left)
    • Topcase capacity: approx. 25-35 l
    • Maximum load: 8 kg (per case), 5 kg (topcase)
    • Recommended maximum speed with case or topcase: 160 km/h
    • Optional: Inner liner for case and topcase, backrest pad for Vario topcase
    • Durable aluminium case and topcase
    • Capacities: case: approx. 44 l (right), approx. 38 l (left), topcase: approx. 32 l
    • Maximum load: 8 kg (per case), 5 kg (topcase)
    • Recommended maximum speed with case or topcase: 160 km/h
    • Optional: Inner lining for case and top case, backrest pad for aluminium top case, carry handle for aluminium case and top case
    • Watertight, high-functioning tank bag
    • Coated, washable upper material made from durable nylon
    • Precisely adjusted floor panel made from EVA with soft PU coating
    • Capacities: approx. 12 l, expandable to approx. 17 l
    • DIN A4 card slot, waterproof, with floor panel for your mobile phone, for instance
    • 2 storage compartments on sides, with splash protection
    • Carry handle
    • Optional: Vario insert for tank bag
    • Enduro rear bag, approx. 2.5 l, for storing small parts and tools
    • Softbag small, 31-36 l
    • Luggage roll
    • Tension strap
    • Bungee-cord spider
Design programme.
    • Sleek, side-mounted turn indicators with modern LED technology
    • White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per indicator
    • Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs
    • Significantly reduced electricity consumption
    • Effective protection of the rear of the motorcycle from contamination by splashwater, especially on wet and muddy roads
    • Black plastic (polyamide PA6, grained)

Akrapovič sport silencer.

Akrapovič sport silencer.

  • Slip-on silencer for a sonorous sound and a great look
  • Titanium jacket, stainless steel interior
  • Silencer bracket and end cap made from carbon
  • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg (weight saving compared to
  • standard production approx. 2.3 kg)
  • Series-level power and torque
  • With vehicle type approval (EU-ABE)

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Ergonomics and consumption.
    • Small clear or tinted windscreen
    • Large tinted windshield
    • Touring windshield clear
    • More comfort due to increased wind and weather protection for the rider.
    • All variants with scratch-proof coating for long-lasting transparency and a high-quality look
    • Better hold and better vehicle control for offroad use and driving while standing
    • Slip-proof peg due to material and shape of base surface
    • Width of peg: 5.0 cm (+ 0.9 cm compared to series)
    • Length of peg: 8.4 cm (+ 0.3 cm compared to series)
    • Stainless steel precision casting made from high-alloy stainless steel
    • Unrestricted control of shift and footbrake lever (height of footrests identical)
    • Optional: Rubber insert for more comfort

Navigator IV.

Navigator IV.

  • Bluetooth-capable GPS navigation device optimised for motorcycle use
  • Available with or without (European) pre-installed cards
  • Outstanding range of functions for simple motorcycle driving
  • 4.3“ touchscreen, waterproof casing and petrol-resistant
  • Integrated lithium ion battery (service life of up to 5 hours)
  • Including Advanced Mount Cradle with 4 additional operating buttons
  • Includes carry case
  • Model-specific cradle

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    • Modular hand protector
    • Closed loops made of high-strength aluminium
    • Can be augmented with small or large hand protectors, and spoiler attachments for large hand protectors
    • Protectors and spoiler attachments made from durable impact-resistant polyamide plastic in black
    • Durable stainless steel engine protection bar
    • Protects the engine against minor falls
    • Weight: approx. 2.3 kg
    • Optimal protection of the engine against rockfalls for light off-road use
    • Shatterproof, UV-resistant plastic
    • Weight: approx. 0.5 kg
    • Series F 800 GS
    • Durable aluminium protector (3 mm)
    • Protects engine and exhaust manifold against stones and bumps in off-road riding
    • Weight: approx. 1.6 kg
    • Protects the headlight lens against flying stones in off-road use
    • Snap lock system for quick and easy installation and removal.
    • For off-road use only
    • Powerful auxiliary headlights in die-cast aluminium casing
    • Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs
    • Differentiated illumination on the road (the light colour of the white LED is very similar to daylight)
    • Significantly reduced electricity consumption
    • Diameter approx. 70 mm, length approx. 110 mm
    • Worldwide homologation, no addition to vehicle documentation necessary (CE/SAE certified)
    • Acoustic and optical warning signals triggered if the vehicle is moved or shaken
    • Individual encoding of activation (automatically when turning off the ignition or by remote control)

Design your own F 800 GS.

From the paintwork right up to the equipment – the configurator lets you put together your very own BMW dream bike.