Frequently asked questions

What advantages do I have by pre-ordering the new CE 02 online?

When you pre-order the new CE 02 online, you’ll be one of the first to take delivery, avoiding long waiting times that can arise due to limited production capacities. 

You will also be one of the first to test ride the bike as soon as it is available at your retailer.

Will additional fees be incurred for pre-ordering the CE 02 online?

No, no additional fees are incurred for pre-ordering online. 

You just have to make a down payment that will be deducted from the final price for the final payment. 

What happens if I cancel the online pre-order of a CE 02?

If you cancel the online pre-order, you’ll lose the privilege of having your new eParkourer delivered early. 

Your selected BMW Motorrad Retailer will reimburse your down payment within 30 days. 

What happens next after I pre-order the CE 02 online and how will I be contacted?

In your online pre-order, you have the option to select your preferred BMW Motorrad Retailer as well as your desired contact method (email, phone). Your retailer will get in touch with you within 24 hours (on workdays) to confirm your purchase.  

Notice: Please make sure your contact information such as your postal address, email address and telephone number are entered correctly.

When will the CE 02 be shipped after being pre-ordered online?

Due to high demand, it is expected for the availability of the CE 02 to be limited at the beginning of production. 

The first eParkourers will be delivered starting from the beginning of 2024. With an online pre-order, you’ll claim your spot right at the front of the queue.

Can I change the configuration of my new CE 02 after my online pre-order?

At the start of production, two vehicle configurations of the CE 02 will be built. If you wish to change your configuration, please contact your BMW Motorrad Retailer.

Notice: If you change your configuration, the delivery date for your new eParkourer may be delayed. 

Which driving license do I need to drive the CE 02?

If you have a driving licence for passenger cars from 2001 and before, you can just hop on and ride the power-reduced version of the CE 02 with 4 kW. If you’re 16 or older and have an AM driving licence, you can ride this variant up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. If you have an A1 driver’s license, you can drive the 11 kW version, which reaching a maximum speed of 95 km/h.

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