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From domestic socket to BMW Wallbox and public charging column: you can opt for any of these three options to supply your BMW CE 04 with the required energy. Synergies with BMW Group and resulting passenger car standards also apply to your BMW CE 04 in a unique way: from the transfer of technical components to high-voltage technology and associated safety demands to cables, connectors and safety shut-off. And it goes without saying that this also applies to the service of your BMW Wallbox.

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Charging at domestic sockets

Charging at domestic sockets

Use the flexible fast charger mode 2 charging cable (provided as standard) featuring a conventional Schuko plug to simply charge your BMW CE 04 at a domestic socket. Thanks to the 2.3 kW charging output your scooter will charge from 0% to 80% in around three and a half hours using the five-metre long charging cable.

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Charging with a Wallbox

Your charging station for your own home. At 2.3 kW your scooter will then charge from 0% to 80% in three and a half hours. You can even speed things up considerably more by using the optional quick charger. At up to 6.9 kW and with the maximum charge current the same charging process will then take a mere 65 minutes.

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Charging at public charging columns

Charging at public charging columns

Use the additionally available Mode 3 charging cable to conveniently charge your BMW CE 04 at public charging columns. As a result, your scooter will charge from 0% to 80% at 2.3 kW in three and a half hours. Using the optional quick charger with a charging output of up to 6.9 kW will cut the time required to do so to 65 minutes – depending on the respective charging column.

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Charging with the quick charger

The BMW CE 04 can optionally be equipped with a quick charger. Use it to quickly and safely charge at your Wallbox at home or at public charging columns with a Mode 3 charging cable. The quick charger represents ex works optional equipment. Use it to make the most of the charging output thanks to 6.9 kW, charging your BMW CE 04 in around 65 minutes from 0% to 80%.

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Charging columns and charge status

Your route to the charging column

Your route to the charging column

The navigation system’s point of interest function will indicate charging columns in the surroundings of your choice and will lead you there on the shortest route. You can select it either in the BMW Motorrad Connected app or you directly select the route to the next charging column on your scooter’s 10.25” TFT display.

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Always an eye on the charge status

Always an eye on the charge status

The BMW Motorrad Connected app tells you the estimated end of charging during the charging process and of course also how long the stored energy will last and how far it will take you. You can then access this data at any time on the 10.25” TFT display.

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Most important FAQs about range and charging

How does my riding style influence the range of my BMW CE 04?

It goes without saying that the riding style affects consumption and thus range. Select Eco riding mode to maximise the range of your BMW CE 04. The scooter also features an energy recovery system that charges the high-voltage battery on the basis of recuperation. Thinking ahead while riding, moderate acceleration and avoiding riding at maximum speed for prolonged periods will additionally contribute towards maximising the range.

Will the battery of the BMW CE 04 wear out over time?

The capacity of a lithium-ion battery drops throughout its period of use. In our battery certificate we specify the best possible service for our customers in this context. It is valid for the first 40,000 kilometres and ends five years after the initial delivery or first registration. If the high-voltage battery is damaged during this time we will repair any material damage caused free of charge. This also applies to an excessive loss of capacity. Visit your authorised BMW Motorrad Retailer to find out more.

Can I also ride the BMW CE 04 if I don’t have a quick-charging option available?

Of course, in this case it is possible to charge the vehicle using the standard charging cable at conventional domestic sockets and obviously also at public charging columns. The charging process will then just take longer compared with the optional quick-charging option.

What do I need to take into account when charging at domestic sockets?

The flexible fast charger mode 2 with 2.3 kW charging capacity forms part of your BMW CE 04’s standard equipment*. With a length of five metres it guarantees access to a domestic socket in most cases. Do not use extension leads or power strips.

*Market-specific offer

How do I find a matching charging option for my BMW CE 04 on the go?

You can find charging options using the BMW Charging app (and all other charging apps) as well as using the BMW Motorrad Connected app. You can also have the on-board navigation system guide you to charging columns using the point of interest function.

Which charging cable does BMW Motorrad offer for charging at public charging columns?

The BMW CE 04 can be charged with up to 6.9 kW using the optional quick charger. As standard it charges with up to 2.3 kW. Country-specific differences in charging station installations require single-phase or three-phase charging cables to charge the bike.


For this purpose, BMW Motorrad currently offers a range of three Mode 3 cables to deliver optimum charging results for everyone. These cables differ in charging performance, size and weight:


·       Cables with up to 7.4 kW charging power: 1-phase, 32 amps, 2.35 kg in weight. Recommended in countries with mainly single-phase charging stations. 

·       Cables with up to 22 kW charging power: 3-phase, 32 amps, 3.3 kg in weight. Makes it possible to max out the CE 04’s charging capacity in any situation. As a result, the cable is a little bigger and heavier than the other two variants.

·       Cables with up to 11 kW charging power: 3-phase, 20 amps, 2.15 kg in weight. This is our smallest and lightest charging cable. However, at single-phase charging stations you will not be using the full potential of the CE 04’s charging speed. Yet, in countries with mainly 3-phase charging stations it is a good and practical solution.


Please note that the range of Mode 3 cables may vary from country to country. 

How can I access the charge status of my BMW CE 04?

The charge status of the BMW CE 04 is indicated on the vehicle’s TFT display. You can simultaneously use the BMW Motorrad Connected app to access the plugged-in scooter’s estimated end of charging.

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